Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Do college students know how to write a short story?

Seems like very few don't, and the proof is when I took a creative writing class last semester. Not only was there a lack of punctuation, one paper had a lack of story. It was only eight plus pages of an interview, a fictional one. No story at all, and no main character. We never knew what the suspect was thinking, and it was pretty pointless.

A story consists of characters, plot (introduction, conflict, crisis, climax, resolution, etc.) setting, you name it. Everybody should know that.

There must be at least one main character. They have to have at least one goal they want to achieve. What's the point of a story with no journey?

I understand that most probably do know how to write a story, but they don't actually prove that they know. The person who wrote the interview proved to me that he didn't know about the structure of a story. He most likely didn't read enough books to actually write a good story.

I shouldn't be shocked. This is to be expected from some modern people. Mostly technology and very little amount of reading time. Some people really have no business in college. (I hate college. If I could leave, I would. However, I prefer to finish what I started.)