Thursday, December 15, 2016

I hate being realistic about being an author.


Don't worry when someone says, "I'm a writer," or "I'm an author." Chances are, if she was doing right path for her, then it's possible to make money. Take her seriously. Quit bothering her when she's writing.

Not surprisingly, the lack of respect given in the writing career is on par with teaching. How disgusting is that?!

I'm determined to change that while I write my stories. I'll keep writing all day, every day. If you're one of the doubters, I'll prove you wrong.

It's true that authors don't make much. . .at first. If an author works hard and wants her stories shared with other people, she'll find a way to make that happen. She would keep the goals reachable and work hard to get there.

The people who give up on being an author most likely didn't try hard enough. They didn't want to be a successful author in the first place.

I realize I'm preaching right now, but that doesn't matter. It shouldn't.