Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Another June Update

Two days ago, I finished a short story that was based on the story I wrote in 8th grade for history class. I have no idea where the original story is, but I think I've got some of it down in the new, so that makes me feel happy. :) I was going to enter it into one of those college scholarship things, but I decided to use another story. Still lost. -_- Because of this, I've started wondering if I really was a good writer. Trust me, folks: it's a terrible feeling. But I got over it.

Yesterday was when I finished a long narrative poem that's a prequel to a short story I have on another writing site. That has also made me happy! Both that and the short story from days ago had been put off since maybe last month due to worrying about exams. I finally got the time, and both are done! :)

Hey, guess what? Later tonight is more writing!  It seems to be a slow day, anyway, so. . . yeah. In the meantime, I'm going to keep on reading books.

Here's another guess what: summer's officially starting tomorrow! Though I've been out of school since last month. . . yeah. The season's starting, obviously. Not school ending.

Happy reading!